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we have…a weaner!

April 29, 2011

It’s true! I wanted to wait a good week or two before I truly believed it (and actually said it out loud). But it has happened! At 21 months my baby is weaned! And it took a serious weekend of constant nursing to really make it stick.

About two weeks ago she came down with something. our ped said it was a fever/nausea flu thing. All I know is she slept for an entire day, wouldn’t eat and became extremely dehydrated. She was dehydrated despite the fact that I nursed her almost constantly when she was awake. she even co-slept the first night and nursed throughout the night. By monday she had only had three wet diapers over three days. Obviously, my body is no longer making nearly the amount of milk to keep her full (or hydrated). We got her to the doctor, got her some anti-nausea medicine, went home and had three bowls of soup, two cups of water and some pedialyte. And I decided it was finally time to quit nursing.

Obviously at this point she was nursing for the act of nursing itself. for the closeness. for the mommy and me time.  I was too. But also at this point I’d rather leave it than take it. I’d like my boobs back completely. I’d like to stop stretching out my bras and my shirts. I’d love to wear dresses for an entire day without worrying there will be a nursing melt down and I won’t be able to get to my breast.

I didn’t really make a conscious decision or tell myself ,”Today is the day.”  I just started saying no. “No nursing baby. How about some juice?” “Would you like some water?” Nine out of ten times she says yes. She might say no but she then continues about her day. We still cuddle in bed at night and first thing in the morning. I have Dora’s help. It may be a cop-out but it distracts her enough that I can still have snuggle time without my boobs being the only thing on her mind. So I’ll take it. We did it!

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