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May 23, 2011

What a doula does (from Birthing Beautiful Ideas):

Mar 15, 2011

My first two births have come and gone. I’m still trying to formulate what I want to say b/ c they were both SO different and yet, so amazing in their own ways. And I’m torn from telling someone else’s birth story to telling my own “birth” story. So for now, a wonderful post about the benefits of doulas:

Feb 08, 2011

I have two clients!! This is very exciting to have happened so quickly, especially b/c I haven’t really started advertising myself or taking my card around. Through a little bit of luck and the fact that other doulas have births around the same time, I have two mamas due the same week! So moral dilemma, do I take both and chance it? Yes. I have a back up for one of them, and my other expects to go early. Of course, there’s no telling, but I’m so excited! I had my first real client meeting yesterday and I (think) it went really well. I didn’t ramble, like I tend to. It helps that this is her second, so I don’t feel a lot of the pressure I think I would with a new mom. A good starting point. I’m still very nervous about the logistics of when she actually goes into labor – where do I meet her, where do we go in the hospital, what if my husband is at work, what if she labors so quickly I miss it? Oh my. We’ll have to see. But I can’t wait.

Jan 17, 2011

I am coming off an oxytocin-high from this past weekend of doing nothing but listening, learning and talking about birth. The toLabor doula workshop was basically and uber-informative birth circle. We learned so much, we got to touch real mama bellies and feel the babies, listen to their heart beats. We watched some amazing birth videos. And I am now super excited to start my work in birth. The real challenge now is to find some clients and build up that trust in the community. Here in Richmond, there are so many doulas, I feel like it will be hard to find clients, but there are also so many mamas! And I don’t mean the crunchy home birthy mamas like me, I mean those mamas that need the support and education I can give them! (although I love the crunchy mamas too!) So I am buckling down and reading and educating myself, working on some business cards, and trying to get my name out there. I can’t wait.

Jan. 13, 2011

Tomorrow I begin my 3 day long doula workshop. The reading list is LONG and I’ve just started it – beginning with Penny Simpkin’s The Birth Partner. This book is an amazing read for soon-to-be dads, partners, etc and very helpful for a soon-to-be doula. Some highlights:

one woman’s description of the urge to push stage: “it’s like a vomit in reverse!” never thought of that analogy for birthing a baby

when the baby’s head appears wrinkled and spongy one birth partner “thought he was seeing a brain without a skull or scalp!” can you imagine?!

I’m so nervous – nervous I won’t be as soothing or relaxing as I need to be, nervous I won’t have any clients, nervous I will piss off all medical staff involved…

wish me luck!

Dec. 27, 2010

I am beginning the process of becoming a certified birth assistant. I’m excited and apprehensive. I hope to be able to incorporate my background in genetics and genetic counseling to help mothers who may be older or have family histories of hereditary diseases. I also hope to help those mothers who are faced with post partum and the birth of a baby with a congenital defect as well as those that have uncomplicated births. I want to assist those mothers who have natural births, whether in the home or the hospital and mothers who may not want a completely unmedicated birth but still want the support of a doula.

So I hope to chronicle my journey here.

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